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Skilled Caregivers Needed For EVE / WKND


Tigard, OR


Full Time

We have one position in Oregon City AND one in Milwaukie that need filling, both with gentleman that need personal assistance in their homes.

** All Applicants must come to our office in Tigard for the hiring and training process though you will work independently in the clients home.

We KNOW you have what it takes. You are prompt, you have FANTASTIC skills, you want to learn new ones and you are quick on your feet! Are you looking for work in a GROWING profession that leaves you KNOWING you've made a difference?? Look no further ~ WE WANT YOU!

ComForCare Home Care Portland is a fun, close knit team of people who rely on each other to ensure the people we serve receive the highest quality of care. Our administrative team and owner are available to support you through your journey to be the best caregiver in the Portland area! We are looking for committed individuals, who have a heart to do the right thing with those that need us the most, our seniors and people with long term care needs!

What you can expect from us?

  • A SMILE when you call and visit!
  • To be treated with respect!
  • A supportive FAMILY FRIENDLY environment!
  • Top notch training!
  • Recognition for doing a great job!
  • Competitive pay!
  • Treats when you come into the office!
  • Answers to questions
  • Side by Side training when you request!
  • Support via phone, email and through our mobile Caregiver App
  • A dog friendly office
  • A Team that listens and supports you through life, because we KNOW that life happens!
  • Grace, retraining and support when we mess up ... because we all do!

Qualifications/Educational Requirements:

  • Must possess a current driver's license, proof of vehicle registration and valid insurance to be a driver;
  • Must have a cell phone that has SMS text ability and regular access to email;
  • Must have the ability to accurately follow and process written and verbal instructions in English;
  • Must possess the ability to communicate effectively and interact with clients, client representatives, family members, caregivers, and administrative staff in English
  • Must pass all applicable criminal background checks and drug tests;
  • Must adhere to our zero-tolerance policy on the use of illegal drugs and marijuana;
  • Must be able to lift 25 pounds;

Primary Responsibilities/Essential Functions MAY Include but are not limited to:

  • The Caregiver aids with bathing, dressing, grooming, nail /skin care, back care, foot care, shampoo and oral hygiene
  • The Caregiver aids with ambulation, transfers, range of motion exercise, safe use of equipment and assistive devices, (wheel chair, walker, crutches, cane) change of position
  • The Caregiver aids with toileting, use of bedpan, commode, or urinal and incontinent care
  • The Caregiver assists with meal planning, preparation, and assistance with feeding
  • The Caregiver provides emotional support and motivation through conversation, encouragement and recreational activities
  • The Caregiver provides maintenance of appropriate agency records
  • The Caregiver records and reports any abnormalities in client condition to Client Care Coordinator, Staffing Manager, Operations Manager, or Agency Administrator
  • The Caregiver must present and conduct themselves in a professional manner according to agency policy and the ComForCare Caregiver Job Description
  • The Caregiver must adhere to infection control and safety procedures that are in accordance with policy;
  • The Caregiver is responsible for immediately reporting signs of abuse and neglect, mistreatment and misappropriation, or exploitation to an Administrative team member;
  • The Caregiver must adhere to Agency policy and procedures and notify Client Care Coordinator, Staffing Manager, Operations Manager, or Agency Administrator immediately with knowledge of deficiency;
  • The Caregiver agrees to and understands the Client Rights and Responsibilities;
  • The Caregiver addresses and treats co-workers respectfully to maintain a professional work environment;
  • The Caregiver maintains client confidentiality always;
  • The Caregiver may be asked to provide Medication Reminders to those we serve without RN training. Providing medication reminders includes various means of audio, visual or oral reminders to have the client take his/her medication when a client can self-medicate. A medication reminder means not having physical contact with the medications the client is taking.

Companion Care Tasks/Household Management:

  • The Caregiver performs light housekeeping duties such as: changing of bed linens, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting of client's environment, emptying client's wastebaskets and garbage. Refrigerators are defrosted, when necessary, if client or caretaker is unable to perform task. Cleaning of the bathroom includes bathtub, sink, and toilet. The floor should be vacuumed and mopped if it becomes wet. Cleaning of kitchen includes washing dishes, counter tops and the floor.
  • Personal laundry: the laundry belonging to the client (him/her). Laundry for any family members or others in the same home is not the responsibility of caregiver.
  • Assists the client with grocery shopping.

Medication services:

  • Medication assistance: helping the client who can self-direct with one or more steps in the process of taking medication. Examples include, opening the medication container, helping the client self-administer his/her medication, and assisting the client with one or more steps of medication administration at the client's direction.
  • Medication Administration: administering medications to a client or directly supervising the client who is not able or not willing to self-direct, but may be physically able to perform the tasks. Medication administration includes but is not limited to, taking the client's medication from the original container and putting the medications into closed secondary containers designed and manufactured for this purpose.
  • A one hour in-service of medication education will be required annually to continue providing medication services to our clients.

Performance Standards:

  • Provides care in compliance with agency's established protocols and as specifically outlined in the client's service plan in a competent, safe and timely manner;
  • Document activities neatly and accurately on required agency records;
  • Submits paperwork in a timely manner per agency policy;
  • Observes, reports and documents client status and care provisions in a timely manner and in accordance to agency policy;
  • Attend mandatory in-services and additional if necessary;
  • Reads all Agency email, newsletters and mail;
  • Responds to all Agency surveys and requests for input within time frame given.
  • Demonstrates a positive and professional manner

Nursing Services/Restorative Care:

  • Use of adaptive, assistive and therapeutic equipment
  • Clean and change appliances/devices for non-acute ostomies
  • Apply warm and cold compresses
  • Use advanced transfer techniques
  • Apply oxygen at predetermined established flow rate
  • Change basic non-sterile dressing when no wound debridement or packing is involved
  • Blood glucose monitoring

Need more reasons? Check out our Facebook page to see what our reviews look like; we are pretty proud of what we do! We STILL have staff that have been with us since we opened in 2012!

By selecting the positions below, you acknowledge that you are applying for employment with an independently owned and operated ComForCare franchisee, a separate company and employer from ComForCare and any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. You understand that each independent franchisee is solely responsible for all decisions relating to employment including (and without limitation to) hiring and termination, and ComForCare does not accept, review or store my application. Any questions about your application or the hiring process must be directed to the locally owned and operated ComForCare franchisee.

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